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Secretly Ants is a two-man game studio run by friends and long-time game enthusiasts. Our goal is to create entertaining and exciting experiences that push the boundaries of game design.

But mostly we're just trying to have fun!




Gung Beetle, You are a dung beetle, with a huge array of weapons you can stick to your gun ball. The only one capable of taking the fight to the ant horde.

With Gung Beetle we've mashed the best parts of the bullet heaven genre with games like Risk of Rain, giving the player more control over build crafting and attacks, while having interesting enemy types and exciting boss battles, as well as 1000s of enemies to lay waste to.

Wishlist now on Steam.


We are Secretly Ants! Founded in 2023 by Tom and Li, who met while studying, and then later working together in Quality Assurance. Our ethos is “Chase the Fun” and that's how we approach all of our designs. We wanna make the best dang games on the internet.

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